Sunday 12 February 2012

ARC Review: 31 Flavors

31 Flavors
By Leia Shaw & Cari Silverwood

From 31 Flavors website:
31 Flavors is a book that is heavily based on a true love story. Although the sex scenes are obviously fictionalized much of it really happened. Sidney and Nick are real. This isn’t just another erotic BDSM story. We all felt (Leia, Cari, and Sidney) there was a place for a novel where the readers might draw parallels with their own lives -- a story where idealistic, perfect people did not exist, where mistakes are made, and in particular where the top or Dom is not some godlike creation and the submissive or bottom is just your average girl-next-door.

Many women have a desire or even a craving for BDSM in their relationship with their partners. This story tells how Sidney and Nick’s marriage survived and flourished after they explored BDSM. However, we are all different. Communicating with your partner is the foundation stone needed before anything else should be contemplated.

Sidney volunteered to tell her story. We hope someone out there will benefit from the tale, or at the very least, that some of you shed a few tears and chuckle a few times as well as needing to change your underwear, because it’s one helluva sexy, funny, and romantic story. 

Alexia’s Review
Wow… just wow! This novel is brilliantly written, it is well balanced with humour (at some parts hilarious), saucy sex scenes and genuine life drama. Leia Shaw and Cari Silverwood captured all the emotions that surrounds ‘real life’ so awesomely.

Oh man… I just have to say, I am struggling to put my thoughts into words. This novel completely blew me away! Ok, so here we go again…

I fell in love with the characters and their background stories. Sidney is such a strong woman – she was dealt tough cards in life but in the end she finds herself and pulls through. She’s confident enough to explain to her hubby, Nick, in subtle tones what she wants / needs behind closed doors. Nick is so amazing with her, he doesn’t know much about what Sidney is suggesting they try, but he tries his best to cater for her needs (with a few ups and downs). They meet each other half way.

I friggin’ love how they progress as a couple as well as individuals. They compliment each other in every way.

The authors did an amazing job with this real life story. There were times while reading that I thought “OMG that’s so true”, and there were times that just wanted to jump into the novel and give Sidney a hug and say, “never ever doubt who you are”. I was captured from the get go…
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  1. I agree totally with you Alexia!!! This is a book that will be a part of me for a long time.

  2. Wonderful from-the-heart review Alexia.
    Thank you

  3. @Melanie - this novel has a way of creeping into your heart :)
    @Cari - I should be thanking you and Leia for the opportunity!! It is a powerful read!! :)

  4. We're seeing a lot of readers echoing your sentiments Alexia. It's a bit stunning, to Leia and I, some of the emotion this book is stirring in people. But great to hear, definitely great. I teared up at a comment I read this morning. Um Look will p[ut it hear. Delete it if it's too much.
    "I just finished 31 flavors and I just wanted to say that I loved it. In a way it was kind of hard for me to read because it so closely mirrors what the last year of my life has been like. I cried my eyes out when she was drunk and said she was sorry that she was so broken..I can't tell you how many times I have felt like that. The anxiety, tears, and struggle in the book was balanced with wonderful humor and such love. It was fabulous! Thank you both for writing such a great story. :)"
    I'm still getting permission to quote from her but I doubt she will mind. We can always delete and it was on a group forum.

  5. Wow, Cari, that's so amazing! You and Leia should be really proud of such a wonderful novel. 31 Flavors is so honest and true - especially for woman. We are a lot more complex and look at all situations differently. I totally agree with that reviewer. When I started reading the novel, I spoke to Leia and told her how close to home this novel is!! It's true amazing how you both captured those moments so powerfully!!