Friday 20 April 2012

Author Post & Giveaway

More ‘F’ words than you can handle… 

Today, I’m welcoming Christie Rich to Alexia’s Chronicles, a fabulous friend of mine and awesome author of Elemental Enmity Series. Take it away Christie J


I’d like to thank Alexia for inviting me to chat with you all today. I met her on Goodreads and she has become a dear friend. So a little bit about me: I live in a small town in Utah, USA, with my husband, two wonderful children, our spastic dog, and two lazy cats.

I’ve always loved stories. I had the pleasure growing up of being surrounded by cousins and friends with vivid imaginations. Every summer during my childhood, my family would travel to Arizona where my cousins lived for a few weeks holiday, and I used to entertain myself on the long drive by making up stories. Then I grew up, got married, got a real job, had kids and all the fun stuff adults do. I actually didn’t read anything for fun in the first ten years of my marriage.

UGH. I honestly don’t know how I did it. You see, there is part of me that craves a good story like the rest of me craves good chocolate. I have to have it. I guess I probably made due with TV and movies during those years, but one day I picked up a book and haven’t stopped since. I can’t stand to be without something great to read.

It wasn’t until a few years later, after I read Twilight and a million other books after that, that I discovered I had a story of my own to tell. The first glimpse of the Elemental Enmity Series came to me in the form of a little pixie named Fexlie. She flitted into my mind after a long day at work. At that time, I commuted forty five minutes each way to work, so I had plenty of time to daydream. Fexlie was so real and vibrant, I couldn’t get her out of my head. She introduced me to Rayla and other characters followed. Pretty soon I had the foundations of a real story—something I never thought was possible for me.

One of my good friends had told me she wanted to be a writer, and since I had this story, I tried to give it to her. She refused, like the good friend she is, and told me that if I had a story, I needed to write it. I couldn’t let the story go, so I did just that.

I’ve had the best fun of my life writing, and I can’t imagine a time where I would stop.


Cover reveal:

So Christie has redone the cover for her first book, Five! I personally LOVE the newer version J

                 Old                               New

 Which cover do you like best?

Introducing the Elemental Enmity Series:

Five [Book #1]
Rayla Tate was just a child when her mother disappeared from her life forever. Raised by her aunt Grace in a small town, she has lived an extremely sheltered life. Unknown to her, she was hidden from the fae who live secretly among us. Descended from an ancient blood-line of Elementals, only she has the power to crown the first fae high-king.

Sick of provincial living and the dictates of her aunt, Rayla flees the safety of her home and runs away to college with her best friend. Unfortunately, excitement over her newfound freedom is short-lived when she finds herself being chased by a mysterious stranger on her way to school. She is drawn to him immediately; however, she somehow manages to resist the compulsion she feels. As he disappears into the night, she is certain he hasn't gone far.

Rayla struggles to deal with the encounter while adapting to her new environment. To make matters worse, Aunt Grace reveals that Rayla will be hunted by a pack of fae lords, each hoping to claim her power for his own. She soon finds herself surrounded by stunning men. Could they be fae, or is this just normal college life? More importantly, why does she feel drawn to each one of them? What dark power do they hold over her? She must quickly learn to fend off these beautiful and seductive pursuers using whatever means necessary or find herself lost to the fae world forever. – see my review

Dark Matter [Book #2]
Rayla Tate’s dreams for the future shattered when she discovered she was an Elemental capable of manipulating matter. Thrust, once again, into the magical fae realm of Faeresia, she has an important choice to make. But now that she has Heath to contend with, deciding between Zach and Luke is the least of her concerns. Tall, dark and lethal to her will, her attraction to Heath eclipses all she has experienced with any other lord, but he is using compulsion to wear her down. If only she could trust her feelings?

In a desperate attempt to escape Heath, she accepts the help of a little troll and finally gets what she wants; however, her relief is short lived. Things go terribly wrong when a dark force closes in on her, threatening to steal her burgeoning power before she even has a chance to test her abilities. Now, with Rayla as their captive, the Order will stop at nothing to create a male Elemental, and willing or not, Rayla is the key.

Caught up in the age-old battle for dominance between human and fae, only one question matters to her now—will she be able to save those she loves most without losing herself in the process? Or will she be forever haunted by the choices she alone can make? – see my review

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Giveaway time!! Booyah! Christie is so friggin’ awesome that she will be giving away 4 books but only 2 lucky winners, are you catching my drift? Yup, you guessed it – 2 lucky peeps will win Five AND Dark Matter – dudes this is epic right? Book 1 and book 2 are up for grabs J Can I get a ‘whoop whoop’? All you need to do to enter is fill out the Rafflecopter below and leave a comment letting me know which cover (old or new cover of Five) you like the best! Easy, right?

Good luck… may the best book worm win! J

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  1. I like the new cover better. Thankyou for the opportunity to win!

  2. I like the new cover better because of the colors.

  3. new cover for sure!

  4. Thanks you guys! I like it better too. I think Amber McNemar did an amazing job!

  5. I actually am partial to the old cover! I guess I'm the odd one out, but hey.

  6. Both covers are nice, but I kinda like the old one better. :) S.M. Boyce, you're not alone in this oddness! :D
    Thanks for the giveaway, best regards, Diana :)

  7. Thanks. I actually like the new cover.

  8. I liked both but of course the second is brighter!

  9. Thanks, Boyce and Diana. I designed that one myself, but I wanted consistency with the series. lol.

  10. I think I like the old one better. The symbol is more prominent on the old cover. You don't really notice it all that well in the new cover. Great excerpts. Thank you.


  11. Thanks for the comments :) It was the old cover that caught my attention when I decided to review Five, but the new cover is really rocking my socks off :)

  12. I agree about the symbol Lynn. I wish we could have made it bigger in the new cover, but then the perspective would be off. lol.

    Thanks for all of your comments! It's good to know!