Thursday 17 January 2013

We're BACK!!

Yes, you read that right... finally we are back in action and ready to rumble!

SLACKER! You have my permission to call us - well me mostly - a slacker. I have been a terrible blogger, reviewer, reader and friend for the past few months... life got in the way. Ritesh and I just want to give you the run down on what has been happening with us that we've been so quiet and withdrawn.

These last few months have been a total scary and thrilling as hell roller coaster ride for me. I was retrenched in July 2012 - not cool, but I got over the emotional side of it quickly enough with the help of my family and my wonderful co-blogger Ritesh!

With the retrenchment I had a lot of pent up frustration so I decided to take up a new sport... Cage Fighting. Yup... Cage Fighting. My style is Kickboxing and it's an absolute blast!

It took a while for my friends and family, especially Ritesh to back me on this new adventure... but they all came around and are now my biggest supporters! I still get the stinky eye from R when I have a black eye or swollen nose though. Any who... I have completely thrown myself into the sport and train Monday - Saturday while preparing for my first fight which was on December 1st. The peeps at the club have dubbed me 'The Reaper' - so that is my fighting name.

There is a few positive notes to this... being the only chick in the club that does fighting has it's 'swoon worthy moments' - being surrounded by muscle for a photoshoot SCORE! :)

Since July 2012 I have been training like a mad woman, going for interviews and working as a Temp in a company. Oh... I tried my hand at dating too - good lawd what happened to the nice dudes?? Any who - December 2012 was my big 'whoop whoop' moment - I was offered a permanent position at the firm I was Temping for, I finished my fight and was on the road to recovery (yeah, I was limping like an idiot) AND *drum roll* my boyfriend and I made it official - yes, we changed our relationship status on Facebook haha! (We'd been secretely dating for a few months).

As for getting back to reading / reviewing / blogging - it'll be a slow process. I am still crazy busy and I need to manage my time better... so until I get into a new routine please be patient with us. We will basically just be posting reviews and one or two other posts, but no author interviews, blogger interviews or taking part in all the memes again - only until we are back on our feet... then things will proceed as before! I have a major back log on reviews that I need to do (*ahem* yes Ms. Hancock I did not forget about your books *winks*) so we will still not be accepting book review requests until we are up to date!

I have missed all your beautiful faces and 'hanging out' with you guys... looking forward to getting back into my blogger community! *Much love and many smooches*

Hey everyone. I know we went MIA without a word, but believe me we had some reasons, which I consider to be absolutely valid. Want to hear my reason?
Life got in the way!
 In the last few months, I've taken on a number of projects which have kept me extremely busy, and have not allowed me the time to do anything other than work. Well, almost anything. Being bitten by the reading bug, I just could not get myself to give up on it. This has meant a lot of long nights and early mornings. Long nights due the the fact, that I always wanted to read just that "one final chapter" before I slept. Early mornings, as I wanted to get a head start on work.

Let me take you quickly through all the exciting things that are happening.  Sometime around August of last year, I was pulled into a critical project at work, which lasted for about 4 months. This project has led to a complete redefintion of my work profile, for the better. And, it has made me really enjoy my work.

Then, some time in November, a friend and I decided to take the plunge, and initiate work on a new business. Although, we're just starting out, I think this is something that has got real potential to become a big thing. We're running around to get it off the ground right now, and I'll be able to give you more details and updates on this in a few months. For now, everything is under wraps.

I did get a couple of big surprises recently. First, Alexia got me the BEST present for my birthday. I am sure quite a few of you will be able to guess that it had something to do with books. Of course, can there be anything better? She got me ..... ..... ...... wait for it! ..... ..... .....

Darynda Jones's Charlie Davidson Series books 1 & 2 !!!

I've had my eyes on these for quite a while, and they're among my all time favourite series!

Besides this, I recently got FOUR author signed books! Susan Ee was gracious enough to send me a signed copy. Then, Laxmi Hariharan completely overwhelmed me by mentioning me in the credits of her book, and sending me a signed copy. And finally, I got to meet an author at a book signing, where I was able to get a signed book. And, I won author Scott Cramer's Night of the Purple Moon.

Recently, I was actually able to meet Laxmi Hariharan when she had come down to India for the launch of a book written by her husband, Naman Ramchandran. The book is currently on a number of best seller lists in India, and is the biography of India's biggest superstar, Rajnikanth.

And, the most exciting news of all. In October last year, I became the proud uncle of my second niece! How cool is that?

So, all in all, this has been an exciting few months. Things have settled down enough for the both of us, where we can again start getting back to our passion, books and blogging.

All I can say is that, this is going to take a little while, getting used to. So bear with us, as we get back on our feet. I'm really excited to be back among my blogger and author friends.


  1. I've missed both of your posts!
    Alexia, I've told you before but I'll say it again. You're badass!
    I knew you'd find someone too :P
    OH! I can't wait for you to find out what Layla's HUGE secrets are :P You're going to freak! Or cry :P
    Ritesh, CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a second uncle. What a CUTE baby :P
    Hugs to you both! Can't wait to read your posts again!

  2. Welcome back! I was wondering what happened to you both! Congratulations to you both on everything good that has happened in your lives. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us this year. :)

  3. WooHoo!! So glad you all are back and that life is turned the corner and is now an adventure again. Dayam, Alexia, you are one BADass girl. Congrats! And Ritesh, you look like such a natch with that baby…hmmm! Welcome back. You've been MISSED! Annie xx

  4. The Reaper? Love it Alexia!!
    Ritesh so wonderful to meet you in Bombay and how wonderful on becoming a uncle for the second time. Congratulations :)

  5. Hey you two - great to hear that you're back again in the blogger community. You both did well in the meantime, as I can see in your post - so congrates!

    And yes, there were a tone great books I've read in the last six months!
    'Pushing the Limits', 'Beautiful Disaster', 'Slave to sensation',...
    but you also can look on my favorite folder! xD

    Greetings Tina

  6. Hi guys! So happy to see ya'll back.
    Wow, have you two been busy. All sounds so exciting. Can't wait to hear more!

  7. OMG you guys I just checked your blog to see what's up with you and I can't believe Alexia is CAGE FIGHTING!!! I just finished up Book 4 (Earth), and you'll never guess - Kaitlyn has to cage fight a Fire. His nickname is Dragon, but I don't think facing off with him is nearly so scary as facing off with the Reaper! :) Anyway, glad to see you guys back in the biz (even if only partially) and can't wait to see some more of your posts!
    Oh - by the way, Ritesh - I loved, loved, loved Angelfall!

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