Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hotness Monsters of Note

This post is dedicated to all my book boyfriends... the boyfriends that I will never willingly choose in real life! They are egotistical, controlling, stubborn, dangerous and most of them want to drink blood or have some other crazy paranormal trait. Complete and total hardcore Alpha Males. *shivers* 

In real life - If a big hunk of a man ever had to chase me down the road flashing fangs and growling something like "come here" or "you will be mine" I think I just might wet myself bitch slap him - not that it would do them any harm (because they are all mighty, possessive, hotness on a friggin' stick and just plain WOW). *drools* 

Anyways, before I get carried away in my own thoughts... Here are my book boyfriends... (please note I said my... as in mine not yours *smiles menacingly*)

Mr Northman hails from the land of Sookie Stackhouse Series
by Charlaine Harris
This devious vampy viking has beautiful chompers and captured my attention from the get go... he is ruthless, manipulative and hot as hell! 

Dimitri is from Vampire Academyby Richelle Mead
Blood Promise, book 4 in the series is my favourite - Dimitri becomes the 'baddy'... the irresistible, hotness on a stick kind of monster that you just want to sink your claws into
*ahem*... *fans self* moving on...

Malkom comes from Demon from the Dark, book 10 in the Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole
It's no secret that I have a major book boner for Malkom Slaine. This barbaric, possessive, demon/vampire makes my bones turn into jello!

This English vampire is from Night Huntress Seriesby Jeaniene Frost
He drives me insane, and yet I just can't get enough of him. Bones can kidnap me any day... actually I'll tell him where I'll be - give him all the specifics *giggles*

The son of Satan is from the Charley Davidson Seriesby Darynda Jones
Yes... the son of Satan - as naughty and dangerous as they get!! Reyes is a hotness monster on a stick dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with diamonds!
*wipes drool*

Mr Barrons is from the Fever Seriesby Karen Marie Moning
This man-beast is a force to be reckoned with... holy crow... he is overbearing, manipulative, protective and just plain HAWT!
I want, I want, I want *stomps foot*

So that's it for my book boyfriends... Do you fancy any of these delicious Alpha Males??


  1. what a great list! I just made my weekend list! thanks for sharing

  2. What lovely book boyfriends you have, mind sharing? ;D

    1. Sure :P you did ask so nicely LOL

  3. Alexia, what a great concept, Book Boyfriends! I love it. You've given me a whole new reason to smile. Thanks!

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