Tuesday 4 June 2013

Review: Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets [Cursed in Darkness #4]
By Natalie Hancock

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From Goodreads:
The hunter has made himself known, and now everyone is gone. Layla and a few others are now being hunted and have become hunters themselves. They must travel through an underground cave in order to get to those they love and Layla is not stopping for anything.

There are other creatures in the cave which they encounter, and some they wish not to even see, and with no success. Their lives, and those who have been taken, are on the line, and the farther they walk through the cave, the more they are faced with danger, the more Layla struggles to keep her deep dark secrets just that - a secret. It is not that simple, however. And as the secrets unfold, the hunter closes in.

Will it be too late for Layla to save the others?

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Cover swoon!! As you know I'm a total and complete cover whore and Natalie Hancock has fed my appetite 100% with the covers for Cursed in Darkness Series - I mean really now... I'm running out of drool here.

In my previous reviews (which I hope all you lovelies have read, I'll hunt you down if you didn't I'll be very sad if you didn't) you see how much I adore Layla! This chick is a total bad ass with more secrets than a body builder on steroids has muscles - just friggin' LOVE her, any ways... in Dark Secrets she BLEW MY MIND TO FUCKING PIECES!

I let the shadows conceal me once more, as I moved across the gap between us, anger fueling me as I went. I appeared once more, squatted in front of the shocked and scared vampire. "Watch what you say, I am not known for holding my temper. You should have remembered that last time you angered me."

BOOYAH! In your face!

Natalie Hancock killed with Dark Secrets - it is so well written that you are like..."what the fuck just happened? NO! Wait... What?" It is awe-inspiring, jaw dropping, gob stopping fucking brilliant. All of Layla's secrets come to light, her past, that she's kept so annoyingly well hidden finally gets revealed and with that 3 major (and I mean MAJOR) secrets get outed. I was shocked! 

Touchy subject here - My male boo-boo-kins, Shade... tsk tsk...so disappointed in you! You need to score some brownie points before you get back into my good books. But no worries, Hayden kept me sated while you were out being an asshole. Although Shade had a very good reason for doing what he did, I'm still pissed. The sexual tension between Shade and Layla is as hot and mind blowing as ever... like slide off your chair mind blowing. *fans self*

There are also a few new characters and I'm excited to read more about them in Ascend from Darkness #5

The Queen of Cliffhangers strikes again... Seriously Natalie, you are killing me!


  1. Thank you for the review! You're the best!
    I'm glad you liked it, even if you do hate me :P
    Can't wait for you to read Ascend from Darkness. You'll be pleased to know that this Queen had a break and it doesn't have a cliff-hanger!...Darkness Arising does though xD Mwahahaha, didn't stay down for long! I know, evil :P
    Love you!

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