Wednesday 4 July 2012

Review: Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness [Cursed in Darkness #1]

Cursed in Darkness Series:
Eternal Darkness #1
Dark Shadows #2
Dark Awakening #3

From Goodreads:
Layla, a twenty-one-year-old half-breed known as a dhampir, is incredibly beautiful and deadly. She drinks vampire blood for power and to stop the burning hunger.

The vampire academy is a hundred acres of land surrounded by high tech security to ensure that none enter or leave. She is the protection.

When she has lessons with the vampires, she struggles with her hunger and has to learn to trust them—a big issue for Layla because of her past, something she can neither forget nor run from. The past that haunts her dreams reminds her that she cannot hide as she lives her life in the academy.

Then there is Shade—an impossibly handsome vampire and Layla’s one-on-one instructor. Desires she never knew rise whenever he looks at her. She cannot stop how her body reacts to his touch or how much she wants his body and his blood.

It is a forbidden lust that they share, one they must keep a secret from those around them or Layla risks everyone finding out who she really is.

Someone wants her dead. Layla’s goals, deal with the vampires who hate dhampir’s and keep herself alive. Can she do it?
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So I have absolutely no idea where to start with this review... my mind is a jumbled mess. It's like author Natalie Hancock gnawed chewed on my mind and spat it out. (I know, gross way of describing it, but that's all my blond brain can think of right now.)

Ok, so lets start with the cover... aaaand cue the "OMG's... OOOH's... AAAAH's"! I can stare at that cover all day long. So purrrdy!

Eternal Darkness is similar to Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (don't get me wrong - I'm NOT comparing books)... if you like VA you'll most probably enjoy this novel! Although, Eternal Darkness is more "adult" ;)

Layla is the female main character - jeez Louise this chick is bad ass... piercings, funky clothing, silent, stand in the corner type. She kicks butt like no other... seriously, the other students can't beat her, even the instructors have a hard time. She has a strong mind, body and soul. She's been through so much (still goes through so much with nightmares / memories) but she prevails. Layla is a rebel of note!

Now, onto the sexy vamp boys ;) I have a hard time choosing between the two male characters that stand out in Eternal Darkness. I can't decide which I like more! There is Nikalye - Layla's protector/bodyguard and friend. He is sweet and understanding. Always worries about her and always wants her to be safe and feel loved and secure. When Nikalye and Layla are together it's more a brotherly love vibe I get from him - sweet. He is uber sexy and definitely appeals to my kinder side :)

Then there is Shade, an instructor at the vampire academy. He oozes sex appeal and power and control. He is amazingly fast and keeps Layla on her toes. They have a major attraction towards each other - it leaves you breathless when you read about them interacting ;) Shade is that typical dark, mysterious, sexy and dangerous vamp - you know, the ones I lurve! :)

The cliffhanger ending! You know sometimes, when you just carry on reading not realizing that the book has actually ended, thinking that it's just the end of a chapter? Yeah, that happened here. Wowee...  After reading the last sentence my mind was reeling... "it's finished? Wait, what, NO! WTF am I suppose to do now?" - yup, that was me!

All in all - love it! I enjoyed the story line, the development of the characters and the fab ending that leaves you wanting more. So please excuse me, while I hunt down Natalie and force ask her, really nicely for the next installment in this sexy and alluring series :)


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  2. Thank you so much for this great review! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story as well as the characters :P There's more to come, a LOT more :P I promise

  3. true i thought like that too is this rly the end ....

  4. Hi Alexia! Nice review, really want to read this one now and learn more '' intimately '' about Shade, he sounds like my kind of sexy vamp! And I agree with you, this cover is.... Ouff!