Wednesday 25 July 2012

WINNERS: Emerald Dragon Character Contest

On Sunday, 1 July we posted about a contest... Create a character for 'The Emerald Dragon'! We received many entries and Solitaire Parke has chosen the two winners! 

What is the prize?
The winner's character and dragon introduced into the story 'The Emerald Dragon' and will be mentioned periodically throughout the book thereafter.
A mention of the contest winners on the dedication page of the book.
A signed copy of the book sent to the contest winners when the book is released.


Kayleigh Hunt
Jacob Overton

Here is Kayleigh's character & dragon:
Character: Emeria (Relates to peace, harmony and nature) Reinhart. Long blonde hair that trails to her tail bone, with grass-green eyes. A pixie like face, slim and short. An innocent girl wih a witty personality.
Origin: Earth
Fictional Town name: Emberess

Dragon's Name: Acuzio Cyprian Ezio
Nickname: Ace (meaning unity)
-All of the dragons names are latin-
Gender: Male
Species: Wyvern
Colour: Gold
Age: 3 year old

Here is Jacob's character & dragon:
Character: Helup Ironfold, long ashen grey hair, grey eyes, big broad shoulders, strong arms, an all around big guy
Origin: He hails from Ptolomea where, as a slave, Helup was forced to work as a blacksmith by Erebus until he was called by his dragon and he escaped

Dragon's Name: Jilocasin Sybaris Cirfis
Nickname: Cirf (Surf)
Gender: Male
Species: Wyvern
Color: Grey
Age: 9 years old

Again, a huge congratulations to the winners... this is an AH-mazing prize :)

Please note: Kayleigh can you please contact us with an email address for you. If we have not received correspondence from you within the next few days, we will be choosing another winner.

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