Sunday 1 July 2012

Create a character for 'The Emerald Dragon' Contest

We had recently interviewed author Solitaire Parke on the blog. Go check out the awesome interview! Today, Solitaire has agreed to hold an amazing giveaway on the blog. I can say that this is the first time I have ever come across such a giveaway, and believe me, I have entered tons of them!
So what is so special about this giveaway? Solitaire is giving two winners a chance to be immortalized by naming one of the characters in his books. This is correct, you get bragging rights to the character and his dragon's names, origins, species, color and more! Wait, there is more! You get a dedication on the series' website and best of all, you get a signed copy of the book when it is released.
Now tell me whether I was right or not? Isn't this the best contest ever?! So what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking hats and get cracking!

“The Emerald Dragon” Character Contest Guidelines:

We suggest reading the current chapters available on Solitaire Parke’s blog to familiarize yourself with the existing characters. Not all of the existing characters come from Earth, so it will give you an idea of the different species and where the story is going. Based on that, to enter the contest, what you would need to comment with is: 
  1. Dragon rider Name and Origin – the character you create needs to be a protagonist and/or beneficial to Mount Drago. Definitely no bad guys please. All of the names need to fit within the story criteria, ie. – Nothing too off the wall or crude. As far as origin for the character, I encourage you to have fun with naming the township or province you came from, but again nothing too off the wall or crude please.
    The species that have been listed in the book are as follows:
    • F.B.H. (Full Blood Human) – would come from anywhere on Earth.
    • Drago – ancestors (clans) would have come from Iceland or England.
    • Denizen (Non-Demonic) – would come from the Provinces of Hell.
    • Demon (Male Only) – would come from the Provinces of Hell.
    • Halfling (Half Demoness) – would come from the Provinces of Hell.
    Example – (F.B.H) Elfred MacDugal (Scottsman) and hails from Edinborough, Scotland.

  2. Species of Dragon, Full Name, Nickname, Color, Gender and Age – All of the Wyvern dragons traditionally have three names that are Latin-based.  The color of your dragon needs to fit within the story criteria and colors are listed below. The Aguiva warbirds gather their name from the rider’s first thought during the impression (the joining of rider and dragon).  An example of both can be found below.
  3. The different colors for Wyvern dragons are as follow:
    • Gold, Red, Harlequin, Grey, Blue, Green (Non-Winged), Brown (Non-Winged), Emerald, Silver, Bronze and Copper
    The different colors for Aguiva warbird dragons are as follows:
    • Tan, Tan/Black and Grey/Black (The Tan/Black and Grey/Black are the only ones with ridgelines on the tops of their heads and will be much bigger than the Tans.)
    Example – (Wyvern) a Red, 5 year old male. His full name is Paxxus Tryphena Sauren and his nickname is “Big Red”. 
    Example – (Aguiva) a Tan (non-ridgeline), 3 year old male. His name is Ring Toss.
The Prizes for the Winners
The contest will run for 2 weeks (ends 15th July 2012), and at the close of the character contest, 2 winners will be chosen at random. The winners of the contest will be awarded:
  • A blog post announcing the contest winners on Solitaire Parke’s blog.
  • Their character and dragon introduced into the story of “The Emerald Dragon” and will be mentioned periodically throughout the book thereafter.
  • A mention of the contest winners on the dedication page of the book.
  • A signed copy of the book sent to the contest winners when the book is released.
And finally, the fine-print:
  1. Two winners will be announced.
  2. Only one entry per user.
  3. Giveaway is open internationally.
  4. Entries will be open till July 15, 2012.
  5. We will notify the author of the winner, and will pass your email address to him. The author will contact the winner.
  6. It is the responsibility of the author to ensure that you receive the prizes.
  7. Alexia's Chronicles, Alexia Smit and Ritesh Kala are not responsible for enforcing the contest. Any disputes should be addressed directly to the author.
  8. By entering this contest you are giving author Solitaire Parke the right to use the name of the character and the dragon that you have come up with in one or more of his books.


  1. Nephilim, half angel) Serafina Emiko(Greek) and was born in Xanthi, Greece.She has long platinum blonde hair and has Heterochromia(where the eyes are two different colors) One Blue eye the other hazel. She was called while living in New Mexico, where she was in school. (Wyvern) a Blue, 4 year old female, Her name is Minerva Amadis Celeste and her nickname is ‘Angel’.

  2. Character: Emeria (Relates to peace, harmony and nature)Reinhart. Long blonde hair that trails to her tail bone, with grass-green eyes. A pixie like face, slim and short. An innocent girl wih a witty personality.
    Origin: Earth,
    Fictional Town name: Emberess

    Dragon's Name: Acuzio Cyprian Ezio
    Nickname: Ace (meaning unity)
    -All of the dragons names are latin-
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wyvern
    Colour: Gold
    Age: 3 year old

  3. Thank you to both Alex and Kayleigh! Great entries! :)

  4. 1. DragonRider - Lucius Maximus Balarus

    2nd Denizen child of a Class 9 Demon and female Denizen.

    Born and raised in Hades in a township called Arbellos.

    Was escaping the Provinces with his older sister, and just as they were crossing the River Styx, she was killed in front of him. He crossed the Styx alone, and was only called later by a dragon after seeking refuge in Mt. Drago.

    2. Dragon - Validus Ventus Mucro
    (strong wind of swords)

    Nickname - Val
    Color - Blue Wyvern
    Gender - Female
    Age - 25

  5. Ron Johnson

    The riders name is Augest Kane. He is a 21 year old Nephilim who was abducted from his family by Demons at 18 months old. He was raised in a combat training camp in Apollyon. After being called he escaped Apollyon with his friend Gore(a class 9 who is desprite to repent), and both made it to Drago.
    His dragon is a new borne white Wyvern named Invictus. He is the son of Invectum.

  6. Jenni Iannucci

    Character: Jahi Lilitu (of the night), has long dark purple hair, black eyes and harbors a love of piercings - 3 rings in the bottom lip, a septum ring and pierced tongue.
    Origin: comes from the small town of Ravenna in the Province of Hades
    Halfling (half demoness)

    Dragon's Name: Daedalus Glaucia Lucius (cunning worker of light)
    Nickname: Dade
    Gender: Male
    Color: Blue
    Age: 23 years old

  7. Jacob Overton

    Character: Helup Ironfold, long ashen grey hair, grey eyes, big broad shoulders, strong arms, an all around big guy
    Origin: He hails from Ptolomea where, as a slave, Helup was forced to work as a blacksmith by Erebus until he was called by his dragon and he escaped

    Dragon's Name: Jilocasin Sybaris Cirfis
    Nickname: Cirf (Surf)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wyvern
    Color: Grey
    Age: 9 years old

  8. Dragon Rider Sergei Rasputin Cosmonov. Sergei is the son which resulted from the unions of the first woman turned demon Lilith and her mate Samael. A repented demon spawn who has been alive to witness the rise and fall of every human civilization. He stands over 6 feet tall with a sinewy rangey build black hair, hazel green eyes and in his true form skin red as blood. He prefers to handle things diplomatically but is no stranger to violence. Raised by scouts in a town called Civibellum along the river Styx. He is known to wear a wide-brimmed hat and trench-coat made from a leather-like material. Think of a demonic looking Liam Neeson.

    His dragon is a red-dragon by the name of Volansa Spirandi Bellator. A female adult dragon.

  9. Charactor Delorayas caledonia Theatra ,
    Dragom Neaidrus Calais Phaeton
    Prior to the Queen Mother, Delorayas worked directly with the Kings during the dark times. They had a plan.
    Somewhere deep in the bowels of Mt. Drago there lies a large red Wyvern that sleeps. Only a small number know. What lies there is the result of the plan.

  10. Dragon Rider - Asper Haden - Halfling - Daughter of Charon the Ferryman of the River styx. Blue/gray eyes, Dark skin, Dark hair and very beautiful.

    Rides the only two headed Wyvern in recorded history. One head is black, the other red. Poetic with her father caught between two worlds - living and the dead.

    Dragon's Name- Rutilus Atra Minae
    Species- Harlequin Wyvern
    Nickname- Checkers
    Gender- Female
    Age- Unknown
    Color- One mostly Red head, one mostly Black head and Red and Black mixed Calico body

  11. Many thanks to Alexia & Ritesh, as well as those who have entered the contest! The two winners will be picked and contacted shortly! :)