Tuesday 24 July 2012

Guest Post: Pinterest = Fun Social Media

Pinterest = Fun Social Media
by Terra Harmony

Of all the social media sites out there, the one I find most enjoyable is Pinterest. Here are the deets:

What is it: Images galore. Think of a digital pin-up board where you can post pictures and videos. Under your account, you can create different boards with different interests. This website is huge for fashion, travel, and foodies. 

Why do it: Currently, over 10 million people are using Pinterest. Some tout Pinterest as the fastest growing standalone website ever.  Users spend more time on Pinterest (average of 15 minutes per visit) than they do on Facebook (average of 12 minutes per visit) or Twitter (3 minutes). 

How: You can repin images you like or add your own. All images link back to the source, so there aren't any copyright issues (at least not that I know of). You can also 'like' pins and comment on pins. Choose other boards or people to follow.  

Check out my boards at: http://pinterest.com/terraharmony.

I create boards to pin settings from my books:

Or to pinpoint specific scenes:

My most active board pins all of my favorite quotes like this one:

And of course, I've got to have my 'eco' board:

The possibilities for Pinterest are limitless. Here are a few other ideas for authors, readers, and bloggers:

  • Show pictures of where you read or write, or a snapshot of your shelf (BOOKshelf – geez, dirty mind…)
  • Create boards with your favorite books, favorite book covers, or even your favorite book trailers (don't forget, Pinterest does video).
  • Open up your board for others to pin inspiration. Fans, colleagues, and friends can be great contributors!
  • Stop self-promoting and give people a glimpse into your other interests. I have boards on sunflowers, mermaids, and steampunk.
  • Use a pinboard to tell a story

BEWARE! Pinterest is the suckiest time-suck to have ever sucked! You can get lost in there, spending hours lost among images. That speaks volumes for the website, but may I suggest setting a timer before you enter the world of pins?

Hint: Installing the Pinterest bookmark makes it fast and easy to add pins to a board while you’re browsing online.

Some of my favorite boards:

Are you on Pinterest? Get there and remember to…


About Terra Harmony

Terra is an eco-fantasy author of The Akasha Series. The first two books, ‘Water’ and ‘Air’, are available as e-books.  The next is the series, ‘Fire’, will be released in October 2012, followed by ‘Earth’ in spring 2013.

Terra was born and raised in Colorado but have since lived in California, Texas, Utah, North Carolina and Virginia. She served a 5½ year enlistment in the Marine Corp, has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and master’s degree in Linguistics.  Terra lives in a suburb of Washington, DC with her husband of 13 years and three children.

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  1. Thanks for letting me do a guest post Ritesh and Alexia! What I want to know is, are you guys on Pinterest yet?

    1. I was very active on Pinterest, but seeing the time suck, I decided to cut back!