Thursday 19 July 2012

Blogger Interview and Birthday Party: Alexia Smit

It is a very special occasion today as it is Alexia's birthday, so we're having a party here at Alexia's Chronicles. I decided to invite a few of Alexia's friends over for the party. I will also be asking Alexia a few questions, so everyone can get to know Alexia a bit better.

Let me first introduce Alexia's friends who've dropped in for the party. There'll be more friends joining in throughout the day!

Ritesh: That's me, of course, and I hope everyone has gotten to know me a bit better now that I hang around the blog a lot, and you can see some of my posts and reviews. I can't believe I have known Alexia only for a few months. I can truly say that she has become my best friend, even though I've never met her in person. She is an amazingly strong willed person, who'd do anything for her friends. Also, she is awesome, did you know that she has a karate black belt? Yeah that is Alexia, tough exterior, and mushy heart.

Natasha: Natasha is a fellow book blogger and dear friend of both of us. You can go here to know more. Natasha and I met Alexia through Terra Harmony, when I was organizing a week of posts for Terra. I am ever grateful to Terra for introducing me to both of them, and we all are now great friends!

Shannon: Shannon is one of Alexia's closest friends, so she has to be here of course. Shannon and Alexia have known each other a long time and when these two go out for an evening together, BEWARE. For anything can happen!
Here is what she has to say about Alexia: "To me she's a Vicious Vixen with a low tolerance for anyone's B.S, I know she always has my back through thick and thin, and me and her have been through everything together, we are each others pillars when no one else stays anymore, truest person I know, hard core to the bone, but has the heart of an angel, she cares a lot about people she doesn't even know, and crys for others when they can't see. Passionate, caring, loving and full on incredible person! Couldn't have asked the world for a better person to know!"

Anne M. Hargrove: Alexia first met Anne when she was a brand new author and she didn't know the first thing about bloggers or reviews. Soon, they both discovered they had common interests, two of which were the same hot book boyfriends and extremely tasty martinis!

Terra Harmony: Alexia was one of the first bloggers to post a review of Terra's first book. They've kept in touch since and have done a few things together. According to Terra, Alexia has been nothing but supportive and she will never, ever forget that.

Natalie Hancock: When Alexia saw Natalie’s covers, she fell in love with them instantly and they began talking. After finding out they had a lot in common when it comes to the hot male vampires they read about, there was no stopping them! “I love talking to Alexia, I never know what to expect when I talk to her, she’s so random! We can be talking about one thing, and it’ll somehow change into something completely unrelated! She’s always making me cry with laughter. She’s the most amazing person I’ve ever had the privilege to speak to...Though I think she’s using me to get to Shade and Nikalye.”

MartinaMartina met Alex on a goodreads group which was supposed to help bloggers to get more followers and we both, Alex and me (also Nat as well) were just starting with our babies (blogs). They helped each other in the early days of the blogs, and soon found a common taste for books and genres and got to talking about them. Here is what she has to say about Alexia: "For me Alex is a very thoughtful woman, who loves, like me, good books and loves to daydream (perfectly of hot fictional characters ^^), but she is also funny and has a good sense of humor and also likes to go out, meet new people and party. And though she lives across the planet (I’m from Austria) we share common likings and lifestyled and I think thats the reason why I feel so connected to her. So honey, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I WISH you all the best and more and that all you dreams come true!!! xxx Tina.

Christie Rich: This is what she had to say about Alexia. "I first met Alexia on Goodreads.  I was new to indie publishing and Alexia was one of the first people to sign up for read to review.  I think she was also my first official fan.  Alexia is such a sweet, amazing person.  I am so grateful that she "friended" me on goodreads.  She has become a dear friend, and I know she will do great things in her life.  Even with being half a world away she has touched my life.
Alexia, this is just for you:  Love you, girl.  You're the best, and I can't imagine not being your friend.  Thanks for reaching out to me and supporting me through tough times.  You're a keeper.  Happy Birthday, and many more to come."

Seriously, if ever we were to establish an International Book Blogger's Day, July 19th should be it! Happy Birthday, Alexia – make this day yours – you deserve it! (Terra's idea!)

The guest list also includes some very special "guys". Here's a rundown.

The Guest List
Reyez from
Charlie Davidson Series

Dmitri Belikov from
Vampire Academy

Damon Salvatore from
Vampire Diaries
Eric Northman from
Southern Vampire Mysteries

Zsadist from
Black Dagger Brotherhood

Christian Grey from
50 Shades of Grey
Jericho Z. Barrons from
Fever series
Lothaire from
Immortals after Dark

So, lets get to the main event. As part of the birthday celebrations, we're going to get to know Alexia a bit better. So, Alexia is going to be answering a few questions. But, everyone is going to get involved today in the interview! The "special guys" also have some questions for Alexia. So hang around for some fun times. There will be free martinis for everyone! And don't forget to ask Alexia a question of your own!


Alexia, we know about your fun side, and your love for martinis and hotness monsters. But, tell us about the real Alexia. What do you do when you are not reading books or on your 8-5 job.
What do you mean the real Alexia? What you see on the blog is really actually what you get. When not reading, blogging or working… I spend time with my family and friends, I go to training a few times a week and just irritate people in general :) lol! Oh yes, and I run my household and spend time with my 2 pooches (Tammi & Sandi) and bird (Soco – yes he is named after Southern Comfort, my absolute favourite drink lol). 

What is the blog about?
BOOKS!! Reviews, guest posts, interviews, giveaways… anything to do with books, authors and book bloggers! 

Why and how did you start blogging? What is it that keeps you going?
Why? Because I always want to discuss a book after I’ve read it, and I just kind of got over my friends looking at me with a total blank look on their faces after I’ve shared my ‘animated’ thoughts with them about a book I just read. 
How? It just kind of happened, I guess. I signed up for Goodreads, then Twitter… can you imagine my surprize when I realized that there are people that have book review blogs?! It was a *happy chicken dance moment*! And that’s basically how it started…
What keeps me going? Reading is my way of escaping reality. What better way to escape reality than reading about hotness monsters on a stick, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with yummy? Or kick ass chicks that shoot first and ask questions later? I want to know it all, I want to experience every story that there is… and I want to share my thoughts.

What are your favourite genres and why? Which all genres do you review?
I only review paranormal romance, urban fantasy (YA & adult) and erotica. These are my fav genres… Why? Because I can… haha only kidding! It’s my way of escaping reality :)

How do you choose which book to read? What do you do if you can’t get into the story or characters after a chapter or two?
The cover and synopsis really needs to grab my attention. When I can’t get into the story I usually just push through because I have this OBSSESSION with needing to know what’s going to happen! Sometimes, I’ll put the book down (if I’m not into it) and take a reading break for a few hours and then get back to it…

Have you ever thought of transitioning from reviewer to writer?
If I answer this it’ll be 3 pages long LOL

Cover, blurb, or first page? Which is most important to you?
I’m a cover whore!! I wouldn’t say the cover is the most important to me, but a purdy cover is eye catching. So it’s a toss-up between cover and blurp.

What do you think about the blogger community? Have you made any new friends since you started blogging?
LURVE! Bloggers are pure awesomesauce! I’ve made so many friends, be it fellow book bloggers or authors. Amazing support system! Love all your gorgeous faces :) (you know who you are)

How do you go about writing reviews? Do you have a process you follow, or just write from the heart?
I write from the heart… Once my fingers start typing I can’t stop until it’s all on paper. My reviews aren’t technical or formal, they are ‘me’ in every way, my thoughts and my feelings – sometimes I find that my reviews are too relaxed, but I guess that’s my ‘signature’? *shrugs* Haven’t had any complaints yet lol

Who is the one character you’d like to do “nasty things” with?
Haha Ritesh, really? LOL Um… Malkom Slaine of Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole. *sighs* If only…

If you could kill or atleast seriously damage any one character, who would it be?
I can’t just name ONE, there are a few… I wouldn’t kill though, I’d do some serious face crushing damage lol

What would you like to achieve for the blog which would make you think that the blog has finally reached a place where it is hugely successful?
I’m not sure how to say this without sounding ungrateful/rude, but I don’t care about the publicity and what not… If people like the posts/content on AC then they should follow or return to the blog of their own accord. To me, Alexia’s Chronicles is already a huge success :)

Outside of your life as a blogger, where do you want to be 5 years from now?
Are you kidding me?! I JUST turned 25 today… please let me get over the fact that I’m not in my early 20’s anymore first haha 

What is the greatest thing to happen to you because of your blog?
Making all these amazing friends, discovering fabulous books and having one of my reviews quoted on the back cover of a book :)

Do your family, friends and other acquaintances in your life understand your need to blog, and are they supportive?
Yes! Definitely! My family and friends are super supportive and always want to know what’s happening on the blog. They are all proud of what I’ve accomplished with reading, reviewing and blogging and they are happy I have found my passion in life. 


Quick fire questions

ebooks, paperbacks or hardcover?

Cats or dogs or something else? (Maybe tortoises?)
Hahaha Dogs!! But I lurve my little bird, Soco and I’ll be getting a little baby tortoise soon lol (Ritesh you know me too well)

Coffee or tea?

Favourite food?

Favourite book?
Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole

Favourite author?
Dahhh… Kresley Cole *shakes head*

Favourite “hotness monster of note”?
Malkom Slaine … hubba hubba *winks*

If you could change the ending of one book, which book would you change, and how?
I won’t change it… it might irritate the shit out of me, but it still makes it interesting and what keeps me going back for more!

What are 4 things you never leave home without?
Lipgloss, my phone, lipgloss and cash

If you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you and why?
Do they have to be real people or can it be characters too? … I’ll just add both LOL
My brother (he’s famous to me ok?! He’s good with survival tactics lol), Malcolm Slain (I need someone to stalk) and Kresley Cole (so she can tell me stories when I’m bored)

List 3 of your all-time favourite movies and 3 of your all-time favourite songs/bands.
Movies: The Proposal, Never Back Down & Pretty Woman
Bands: My fav songs/bands are all old school – The Eagles (Hotel California), Roxette & UB40 (there loads more)

What is a movie or TV show that you watched recently and really enjoyed?
Two Broke Girls – LOVE LOVE LOVE


Well, the boys here could not remain quiet, and have a few questions of their own for Alexia!


So tell me, do you want to be a vampire?
Nope! Who else will feed you?? ;)

Me or Stefan. Say it, I won't kill you.
You Mr D. Salvatore

What do you think are the most attractive traits of a vampire?
Too many, each vamp is different, so can’t choose.

If I were to get a drink, besides blood of course, what would you recommend? 
Southern Comfort obviously…


Being the son of Satan, I may be the ultimate “bad boy”. Which would you prefer, a nice boy or a bad boy like me?
Definitely you. It makes things more interesting, right?

Also, do you think a person is inherently good or bad?
No, everyone has a good side and a bad side… it all boils down to choice!


Who do you like best from our little band of brothers? 

Rehvenge is a symphath and a total badass, how do you think you would fare in his company? 
Great! My emotions are always all over the place (I’m a woman, so obviously), so I’d confuse the hell out of Mr Rehv with major mixed emotions and jump him when he least expects it ;) *giggles*


I can give you everything you’ll ever desire, but can you give in to me, let me control everything? 
Um… ONLY in the Red Room of Pain! I’m my own person, no one gets to tell me what I may and may not do… 

You know about my, umm … “erotic tastes”. What do you think of them, and would you be willing to indulge me? 
Let me think about that… HELLS YEAH! 

And finally,
If you could do “nasty things” to one of these characters, who would you choose, and why? 
I have to choose only ONE? How about one for each day of the week? ..No? Then it shall be REYEZ… son of Satan.   


So, join us in wishing Alexia Happy Birthday and join the party. Enjoy the lovely desserts and the amazing martinis, and don't forget to ask Alexia a question!


  1. "Then it shall be REYEZ… son of Satan." - You always liked the Omen ;)

  2. WOOOOO!!! Party time!
    Happy Birthday too you! Happy Birthday too you! Happy Birthday too Alexiaaaaaaa!!! Happy Birthday toooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
    I actually sang this while typing it up :P LOL
    I hope you have a fantastic day! I want to know everything that happens lol
    Love you girl!

    1. I sang it while reading :) LOL Thank you Natalie! And of course I'm only using you to get to Nikalye and Shade! Love ya too xx

  3. GREAT party! Thanks for the invite, Ritesh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXIA! Sorry, didn't mean to yell. I'm just excited. Right now I'm accidentally spilling my drink on Damon Salvatore. Ooooh, you have to take the shirt off now? Too bad. NOBODY better let him borrow another one...

    1. I second that! Don't hand him another shirt!! :) Thank you Terra! Your message means so much to me! :) Much love xx

  4. Happy Happy 25th Alexia! Hope you have the awesome-EST one EVA!!! And, of course, I hope you get to enjoy your fave cocktails! Thanks for being such a great friend and as soon as I'm finished having my bit of fun with Malkom, I'll send him your way for some birthday fun :-D Don't get too cray-cray's only Thursday! Love ya girl!

    1. Thank you Annie :) Thank YOU for being an awesomesauce friend! It means the world to me for you to be a part of this :) Take your time with Malkom ;) hee hee xxx

  5. Time to PAAARRRTTTAAAEEE! Seriously, have one on me, you gorgeous girl! I hope you have so much fun today and everyday from here to eternity, Alexia! See how many people's lives you have touched? You rock my socks! LOVED your interview. I think I have some books to read, lol.

    Smooches and BIG HUGS.


    1. Thank you Christie! Your friendship means the world to me! Thank you for the beautiful message :) You definitely have some books to add to your to-read list... they are my faves :)
      Smooches xx

  6. Happy Birthday Alexia. Hope you get all those gorgeous guys up there and more.

    1. Thank Anjie :) I hope so too... if only they were real ;) lol

  7. Woohoo!!!! Greatest party ever!! Gosh I love your answers Lex....Happy Birthday!! and hey, 25 is the new 18 xD!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


    1. hahahaha YAY I'm still young :) Thank you Nat!

  8. Thank you everyone so much! I was snotting like crazy this morning when I saw what you all did for my 'party' :)
    A HUGE thank you to Ritesh! I can't begin to explain how much this means to me, all the trouble you went through!
    You all have a special place in my heart :)
    Love you all forever!

  9. Wow - what a fabulous post & interview!!! I loved reading it, it felt like I was sitting right next to you!! Happy Birthday again Lex, and congratulations on the massive success of your blog. So proud of your accomplishment - you are awesome!!!
    Love ya xxx

  10. Thank you everyone for helping me make this surprise birthday party awesome! I could not have done it without every one of you! And, happy birthday Lex!

  11. What a rockin Party. Happy Birthday Alexia! Having a crown & water and tipping the glass to you. You have some special friends and you are awesome Ritesh. A party like this would make me cry. Smile and live it up!

  12. hahaha..awesome party and i love the swoon-worthy guest list!! I too love that stare non-book lovers give you when you start talking about a book..hahaha. Happy Birthday cupcake, loved the interview...i enjoy getting to know my fellow bloggers.