Thursday 26 January 2012

Character Interview with Kaitlyn

Day 4 - Character Interview with Kaitlyn…


Alexia: Welcome Kaitlyn! Let’s jump right in…

Alexia: If you could compare Micah to any celebrity, who would you compare to and why?
Kaitlyn: That is a tough question.  I’ve never met anyone like Micah – though I guess I haven’t met any celebrities, either.  His green eyes, by far his most striking feature, are just not comparable to any I have come across.  The rest of him, well he’d probably pass for a blue-collar worker.  Always has a five o’clock shadow on his cheeks and chin, sandy brown hair, about a head taller than me.  He is in good shape; strong arms, the hands of a diligent worker…is it getting hot in here?  Can we just move on to the next question?

Nat: Oh yes, I think I want to order an ice latte and maybe a cute green eyed waiter. 
Alexia: *wipes drool off face, clears throat* uh… sure 

Nat: Do you have a favourite book, movie or song?
Kaitlyn: I have a secret crush on anything vampire.  They are so powerful, yet at the same time so vulnerable – falling victim to the very thing our world is centered on; the sun.  In a way…I guess I can relate.  Not about the sun – I love me a good tan, but about being powerful and vulnerable at the same time.

Nat: Me too, who’s your favorite vampire? Mine (currently) is Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries, I’m Vaddicted to him…
Alexia: OMG, Nat, yes – so with you there, Damon is a hotness monster of note!
Nat : I have him as my Google Chrome wallpaper *drools*
Kaitlyn: Ever read the Vampire Empire series? After the first book, I may just have fallen in love with the Greyfriar (sorry Micah).  Still have the second book to read!  The author set up a very interesting relationship between the lead characters.

Alexia: Describe your relationship with Micah, Shawn, and Alex.
Kaitlyn: Micah.  Mmmmm – Micah.  The name in itself is a delicious rumble between pressed lips, like you just took a bite of the creamiest, most decadent piece of cheesecake ever.  Don’t get me wrong.  He has his flaws – big ones.  But so do I.  In a way, these flaws shape who we are.  Whether or not we work out as a couple remains to be seen.  We definitely have a big talk coming, and our next steps sort of hinge on the outcome of that talk.  Don’t tell him I said that, ok? In fact, maybe we should strike that whole bit from the record…

Alex is great – like the little brother I never had.  He can be annoying but we get along most of the time.  When having the powers that I have goes to my head, he is right there to let me know I have ketchup on my chin.  He definitely knows how to keep me grounded.

As for Shawn – not sure I can speak about him right now, especially without retching.  Besides, I wouldn’t want our interview to be interrupted by any…storms.

Nat: I would love to meet Micah and Alex, can we go on a triple date? I don’t mind taking Shawn…. I’ll force him to behave for one day!
Alexia: Dude, you’re absolutely loco to want to go on a date with Shawn, the only reason why I’d want to meet Shawn is to go ape shit on his ass… *clears throat* sorry, got carried away there for a sec…
Nat:  Well, I needed a date and it’s impossible for you to take Micah and Shawn, unless you wanted to trade Alex with the old man?? I don’t mind taking Alex *grins*
Kaitlyn: Actually, Nat may have a point – perhaps the right woman can make Shawn behave! Besides – those bad boys can be hard to resist…

Nat: How has being a Gaia changed your life? 
Kaitlyn: Since I came to the Seven and took on the role of Gaia, everything has changed.  Who I thought I was, who my parents were and what they did.  Hell – I can’t even look at the ocean the same way I used to.

I only wish I could speak to other Gaias to find out more.  What is ultimately expected of us?  How did they cope?  Maybe they could even teach me a few tricks of their own.  When things seem to be at their worst, it helps to remind myself that each of these women were alone, too.  Speaking to another Gaia is highly unlikely, as I’ve been told they have all passed on. But as recent experience proves, anything is possible.

Nat: Being a Gaia sounds like a tough job, I wish you all the luck Kaitlyn…
Kaitlyn: Thanks!  Hey – want the job?  You never know what’s in you unless you try!

Alexia: Who is your favourite person in your life?
Kaitlyn: For those that have read my story, I think you know the answer to that!  : )  I’ll give everyone else a hint – it is a character that isn’t introduced until the very last chapter.

Nat: Unfortunately I couldn’t reveal any spoilers ><
Alexia: Ooh, so exciting!!
Kaitlyn: Oh, yeah. Get your cameras ready! 

Nat: Do you miss being a freelance photographer?
Kaitlyn: For sure!  I miss everything about it; the freedom, the flexibility, the feeling I get when I snap that perfect picture and it comes out so beautiful people will think it’s been digitally altered.  Although being a Gaia offers far more adventure than I could ever want, I miss the adventure of photography.  Discovering new places through the lens and sharing it with the world.   More than anything, I miss the independence of the job.  If I didn’t do the work, I wouldn’t get a paycheck.  But it was just me – no one else relied on me and that was far less pressure than what I do now.  

Nat: I admire your perspective on photography, I never ventured into the art of photography and I regret for not doing so…
Kaitlyn: No time like the present! And take a few pics for me, the Seven doesn’t give me much free time these days.

Alexia: Can you please explain exactly what ‘The Seven’ does, for those who haven’t read your story yet?
Kaitlyn: The Seven exists to help nature balance itself out.  I know – sounds part hippie, part dungeons and dragons – like tree-hugging wizards.  Truth of the matter is, mankind is destroying the planet, slowly but surely.  The Seven counteracts what humans inflict.  There are certain people born with the ability to manipulate the elements; water, air, fire and earth.  Those people are recruited to help.  There are fewer still born with the ability to manipulate all of the elements to a much stronger degree.  I am one of those unlucky few.  I can control two or more elements at a time.  The problem with this is I may tip the scales, so to speak.  It would be easy for me to send the ecosystem out of whack; which is what I was doing, unbeknownst to me, before I joined the Seven.  The other problem, or so I’ve been told, is two Gaias cannot be practicing at once.  Too much power.  So once a stronger one is found…I take my leave.

Nat: That sounds….painful…What would you do when it’s your time to take the leave?
Kaitlyn: Two options come to mind; fight back or run. Though I understand the importance of a Gaia, I definitely don’t agree with many of the Seven’s policies in how to handle them. I can tell you this much, things are going to change.

Alexia: I get the slight inkling that you don’t usually think before speaking – has your mouth ever gotten you into more trouble than you can handle?
Kaitlyn: Oddly enough, no. I think speaking out has put me in enough awkward and even troubling situations that I have learned to cope.  I am not superwoman, but I have been through some shit and I am still here.  If anything, it has helped prepare me, especially through my ordeal with Shawn and for whatever else is to come.

Nat: Atta girl! Believe me or not, your sarcasm made my day! And had taught me to be more outspoken.
Alexia: *snorts* I could learn a thing or two from you Kaitlyn – I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut when it counts!

Nat: Any future plans for the world?
Kaitlyn: To be honest, it is hard to put the world before myself right now.  Sounds selfish, I know, especially given my role as Gaia.  But things have changed, even since I became Gaia, and I really need to concentrate on me.  I think about this a lot and feel incredibly guilty.  Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder if this is the thought process that lead the planet to its current state.  There is a saying, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."  It’s true, *sigh*, so I promise to recycle this coffee cup after I finish.  : )  It’s the little things, ya know?

Nat: Uh huh *sipping the last drop of the ice latte*….Darn it, it’s plastic. 
Alexia: I’m with you on that Kaitlyn, each person needs to do their part.
Nat : You’re making me feel bad……zzzzzzzz, I’ll blame it on the person who gave me this plastic cup!

Alexia: Which element is your favourite?
Kaitlyn: It is ultimately water that saved me from Shawn, so yeah - without a doubt my favourite is H2O.  There is certainly something intriguing about each of the others, though.  Fire is the purest, it cannot be polluted.  Earth is steady and strong; the most persistent of the four.  Air is, well, in a word – magical.  The breath of life, winds of change, all that jazz.  But let’s not forget the fifth element – Akasha.  The spirit that binds them all. 

Nat: My favourite element is also water, nothing but H20 to ensure the continuity of life, without H20 you get droughts, sore throat, constipation ~coughs~ My point is, water symbolizes calm and serenity to me.  
Alexia: My fav would be fire! It’s intense, pure and passionate.

Alexia: Well, that’s it for today. Thank you for joining Nat and I, we appreciate you coming in and answering our questions. Good luck with all your adventures – watch your back with that Shawn!
Nat : Hey now, I like Shawn, even if I want to stick a pole up his ---
Kaitlyn: Ladies, ladies – who wants another latte?


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  1. Love the 'tag team-play'! You two are just plain awesome! Love the fact the Kaitlyn talked so much, there are so many questions here that I wondered about when reading her story.

  2. Haha!! I wondered the same too Ritesh, I just love this post!