Wednesday 25 January 2012

Teaser of 'Air' by Terra Harmony

Day 3 – Reviews of ‘Water’ and teaser of ‘Air’

Feast your eyes peeps… I almost died reading this – I.WANT.THIS.BOOK.NOW! *hint hint, wink wink* J


I made my way down the path toward the rock and nearly collapsed when I entered the clearing. There, in front of the rock, was a spot where the soil was compressed and indented with a shape similar to a body. Half a dozen rose petals fluttered around the clearing with the morning breeze, drawing attention to the most damning evidence of all; the red cord tied to a root protruding from the ground.
Micah knelt down beside me and untied the cord. “I don’t get it – were you here last night?” As if to answer his own question, he stood and reached inside my nest of matted hair to pull out a rose petal that was buried deep within.
I nodded. “I think so. In person, or…otherwise.” How could I explain it to him?
His hands felt the outline of the body in the soil, then moved down to two much deeper knee marks, “And who else?” His voice suddenly grew tight, weary of my answer.
He took up a handful of soil and squeezed until I thought minerals would come out. He stood up in anger. “How? Why?”
Still bent over, with my eyes cast down, I barely whispered, “Look at the cord, Micah. How many blood streaks do you see?” I stayed quiet for a moment, letting realization hit him.
I heard the hesitant footsteps of our three followers enter the clearing. They each looked over Micah’s shoulder at the cord. Susan let out a gasp muffled by her hand over her mouth. Alex gave a very audible, “No way.”
“It is done, then.” Vayu said softly to Micah. “They are bound just as you and she are bound.”
Everyone grew silent but I felt all eyes turn to me. I stood up with my back still to them, not bothering to brush the tainted soil from my knees.
“The hell we are. Give me that cord.” I held out my hand and Micah passed it over. “Now stand back.”
I heard them take a few steps back and knew it wasn’t enough.
No matter, they’ll scatter as soon as they see.
I drew energy that came willingly up through the ground. Almost immediately the wind picked up and clouds blew in at my insistence. I called upon all the elements, infusing moisture into the atmosphere and charging the clouds with electrical energy. Next I used opposite-charged energy to create a conductive path. The first lightning strike hit the cord dead-on, filling the area with a sudden light and a loud crack. My ears rang in protest, but I ignored them. Before the effects of the first bolt wore off, I had another racing to the ground. Those behind me half-jumped, half-stumbled back. I turned my head slightly and smiled; had they not been scared shitless, they would have been proud of me.
My robe came undone. Combined with my cackle and hair rising from the static electricity, I must have seemed an insane witch. I have to admit, I was quite insane in those moments. The cord disintegrated in a matter of seconds, and I set my targets to the impression of my body in the ground. Soil exploded up around me with each lighting strike, then rained down again – offering more and more energy to my cause. The lightening was coming dangerously close to me, but I didn’t particularly care. It fueled my excitement.
“Do something!” Micah shouted over the noise at Vayu and Susan.
Before they could, I delved deep into their centers and retracted their energy. I had no idea I could do that until it was done. Susan actually fainted at the sudden loss of energy. Vayu fell to the ground, paralyzed. Alex moved toward me. I stopped him with a bolt of lightning at his feet. He flew back into the brush. Before Micah could try disarming me with one of his famous kisses, I did the same to him.
Clear of distractions, I concentrated on the annoying little rose petals that still had the nerve to grace the clearing with their presence. The smell of ashes floated through the air. I felt the incredible deposit of energy I had built up draining, and decided to go out with a bang. With just enough to create a powerful final strike, I focused. The lightning paused for a moment while I fueled the force-to-be.
As I finished carving a path of energy and released the charge from the clouds overhead, Micah took me from behind. We went tumbling across the clearing and the strike skewed off to the side in my confusion. It hit the boulder, hard. Pieces of rock shot at us through the air like shrapnel. The world went white.


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  1. I can't wait to read Air! OMG, This is so exciting *shrieks*

  2. I know! I'm shrieking with you on this one! *jumps up and down*

  3. Thanks for the comment Cass! I agree, it's fab!