Friday 27 January 2012

Eye Candy by Terra Harmony

As you know from my schedule post, Terra Harmony has done a guest post!

Day 5 – A guest post

“In this day and age, when we have thousand upon thousands of reading options at our fingertips, the book cover is often the one and only chance to grab the reader’s attention. The cover makes the first impression and the book is judged before even getting a chance to present its blurb. This is especially true with e-readers.”

“How could we possibly forego the smell of a freshly printed book – or even the smell of an old, dusty book pulled from the back of the shelf? How could we give up the way it feels in our hands, the way it crinkles as we turn the page, or the way it bends exactly to our hands’ size? Furthermore, what in the heck will we do with our favourite bookmarks?”

“The entire experience of reading a book is an escape for many of us – a treat.”

To read further, head on over to Ritesh’s blog for the rest of the guest post as well as Terra’s and my favourite book covers J

Happy reading…

Much love

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