Friday 25 May 2012

Feature & Follow Friday #5

Hi peeps…

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Q: Activity! Dream cast your current read.
Ritesh and I both just finished the Charley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones. Love it!

Charley Davidson is a part-time private investigator and a full-time Grim Reaper, she is snarky, sarcastic, witty and has a serious case of ADD. I chose Jessica Alba as Charley.

As for Reyes Farrow a.k.a the hotness monster of the series, he is described as tall, dark, handsome, mysterious looking and dangerous, so I chose Jimmy Thomas (I know, predictable, but he's hawt)

Ritesh chose Cookie, Charley's best friend and colleague. Cookie is a major coffee addict, divorcee with a 12 year old daughter, Amber. Cookie has "black wirey hair that hangs past her shoulders". So for Cookie, Ritesh has chosen Tina Fey.

Garret Swopes is a skiptracer that works with Charley on crimes scenes or investigations. He's description is "short black hair, wide shoulders, skin like Mayan chocolate and smoky grey eyes". Ritesh has chosen Shemar Moore as Garret Swopes.


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  2. Wow, loving this cast!! This is a new series to me... but the cast is awesome! :) Great picks!

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    Ooh, nice choices :)

  4. Excellent cast! I'm looking forward to reading First Grave on the Right soon! New follower. My Follow

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    I've never read this book but OMG, that cast is awesome.

  6. Haven't read them yet, but Tina Fey is awesome!

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  7. Haven't read that series but it sounds interesting. I love me some snark.

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  8. Hopping through. I've seen the covers for these books but haven't read them. I think Jessica Alba is so pretty though.
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  9. I haven't read the Charley Davidson series but I've heard great things and from the covers, your cast looks awesome! :)

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  10. I haven't read this series yet, but YES please on the cast! :)

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  11. I've not heard of this series but am intrigued by the premise. Your choice of actors also intrigues me.

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  12. Thanks for stopping by, following. Love Shemar Moore even though I haven't read this series

  13. Oh lovely cast, I haven't read this series, I may have to check it out.

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  14. Your blog is hella fun and very cute lol

  15. I haven't read these but it looks like you guys have put together a pretty good cast!
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  16. I love the idea of spreading and sharing our blogs.

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