Wednesday 2 May 2012

Guest Post

I’m not lucky, just tenacious and I never gave up my dream
By Ann Harrison

Ever since I could remember I’ve loved books. I would read anything I could get my hands on and it’s only now that my taste has really settled on certain genres. I love a good romance, who doesn’t love a happy ending and all the angst in between. I greedily absorb as much young adult as I can and I can’t go past a good suspense and murder mystery.

I wish I had started writing years ago, a cry you probably hear from many a writer. I think I was always too busy reading to sort out the voices in my head but four years ago it all got too much and I had no choice.

My first seven books spewed forth at a rate of speed that literally scared me half to death. I started with young adult because that was what came to the surface first. You might gather from this that I am a pantser. I can’t do it any other way and am in awe of those that do plot every part of their manuscript.

Young adult books one through to book three (and notes for the fourth) in a series very quickly were written. After having book one rejected, (I think six times) I thought I wasn’t cut out for young adult and tried my hand at romance. Three books were written in as many months and sat while I entered competitions and took the judge’s comments to heart.

It wasn’t until I met a freelance editor, Annie Seaton who pointed out the flaws in my stories (in a way that I understood). I polished them until I was happy to submit them. It was the turning point for me and within 48 hours I had three contracts sitting on my desk. I chose wisely I feel and carried on writing. Three weeks later I signed my second contract with Breathless Press.

Taming the Outback will be out in August and Mistress for Magnus will be released in September.

With my success I felt brave enough to submit Book One of my young adult series and have just been asked for a revise and resubmit which I am thrilled about. It looks like all the hard work has finally paid off and it’s going to be a big year.

The one thing I have learnt from this is never say die, ever. The only time you will fail is if you throw in the towel and give up. You never start writing and become an instant expert. It takes time, just the same as learning to play the piano for example. It takes practise. I have met some terrific people along the way and learnt so much. I’m not lucky, just tenacious and I never gave up my dream.

So if your dream is to write and get published, start working now. Join blogs, writer’s websites, and all the social networking sites you can manage. Not only will you learn more than you thought possible, you will meet some great people along the way.

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