Thursday, 17 January 2013

We're BACK!!

Yes, you read that right... finally we are back in action and ready to rumble!

SLACKER! You have my permission to call us - well me mostly - a slacker. I have been a terrible blogger, reviewer, reader and friend for the past few months... life got in the way. Ritesh and I just want to give you the run down on what has been happening with us that we've been so quiet and withdrawn.

These last few months have been a total scary and thrilling as hell roller coaster ride for me. I was retrenched in July 2012 - not cool, but I got over the emotional side of it quickly enough with the help of my family and my wonderful co-blogger Ritesh!

With the retrenchment I had a lot of pent up frustration so I decided to take up a new sport... Cage Fighting. Yup... Cage Fighting. My style is Kickboxing and it's an absolute blast!