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New Design Launch

Welcome to the new and improved Alexia’s Chronicles!!

Wow… what an exciting journey it has been re-designing the blog with Vicky at Sweet Dreams Design. She has been absolutely spectacular and super patient with me being a total tech-tard ;)

So, a HUGE ass thank you to Vicky – you have major hard core skills. This has been painless and stress free for me at least! Thank you, thank you and thank you. You are friggin’ awesomesauce!!

Friday, 11 May 2012

Guest Post

Anxiety Over Writing
By Adrianna Stepiano

I'll admit, I was a little nervous when Alexia asked me to write a guest post for her blog. Being new to the writing scene, this is the first time an interviewer has asked me to write 'whatever I wanted'. Usually, there are questions associated. Questions that would guide and direct the subject for the blog-spot. Alexia left me a blank page, so to speak. She said, "You can just write questions..." And, while that might sound like an amazing opportunity to people who love to stand on a soap box and spout off at the mouth, it was terribly frightening to me. After all, I'm the person that had a finished novel sitting on my computer for nearly a year before I broke down and published it. I'm the person that breaks out in a nervous sweat every time I read a review.

Why do I have such anxiety over writing? The short answer; I'm not a writer. I'm a graphic designer. Throughout college I took the most basic of English and writing classes, and always did quite well, but it never occurred to me that I should make a career out of it. I didn't study classical literature, though I do enjoy reading it. I'm not friends with 'sentence structure', though we're learning to live, even though I had a story, I didn't feel qualified to write it. That's why it sat on my computer for so long. I often wonder how many people out there have wonderful stories that they would tell, if only they could figure out how to use that darn comma! I also wonder how many people have read a grammatically correct story, that had a terrible plot.       

So, what brought me to sit down and write? The short answer; a sentence. It started with a sentence that I couldn't get out of my head.  And, as it turns out, this is how I write. I hear, read, stumble upon, or dream about, a combination of words that strike a chord with me. Nouns working with verbs that plant a seen in my psyche.

What sentence began MofaM? Here it is. Bad luck has a stubborn way of following someone once it strikes.

It came from a conversation with my mother, after I was laid-off from my full time job. She said, "If you didn't have bad luck, you'd have no luck at all." To which I replied, "I know, it seems bad luck has a stubborn way of following someone once it strikes." Now, I am sure that both of those sentences are widely known and used, but when I sat down at the computer that night and typed the second one out, it was fresh. And thus began the story of a girl that was stuck in a ring of bad luck. As those of you that have read the book know, it's since morphed into something else, but the foundation for Seraphin's character is based on 'bad luck'. The words were invigorating and they helped to feed a story that was starving to be known. Even though neither sentence is used in the novel, there were some deeper meanings that resonated with me.

At the opening of Book #1, Seraphin is at the very crucial age of 18. It's an age that most are legally considered an adult, the age that a person is allowed to be 'on their own'. Most of the time it's exciting, as a young person, to step into the real world. However, Seraphin finds the idea terrifying. We find her living in a life of fear; fear of the unknown. I think most of us can relate to this feeling. It's the feeling I felt and still feel when I'm writing, and it's exhilarating. I don't know what I'm doing and it scares the BEEP out of me, but I'm doing it...and It's exhilarating!

So let me revisit my previous thought. How many people out there have wonderful stories that they would tell...IF ONLY_________________. You fill in the blank. How many reasons can we find? I'm curious. Comment on this post with your reason for NOT writing the story that you have floating around in your head. 

Adrianna Stepiano Bio
Following a summer of unexpected struggles and rampant changes to her career, lifestyle, and social circle; Adrianna Stepiano craved a creative escape. A graphic artist by trade, she found herself uninspired and lacking imagination. As an avid reader, she found solace in fiction but desired more.

For several years the idea of a merfolk based story swam around in her head; inspired by family vacations to coastal states and a life spent on the shores of the magnificent Great Lakes. Finally in 2009, a prayer brought Joseph and Seraphin to life by way of the written word.

Adrianna prides herself on the ability to tell an interesting story that can truly be a cerebral getaway. Though, at first she was intimidated by the comma, the two have learned to live together and at times, agree to disagree. If a misplaced adjective or an absent word happens to stumble in or out of a sentence, do not take it as a sign of carelessness but rather appreciate the rawness of her writing.

After two years in the making, ‘Memoir of a Mermaid: When, at last, he found me.’ is available for download in various ebook formats as well as paperback.

Connect with Adrianna:
-          Website
-          Facebook
-          Goodreads

About Memoir of a Mermaid: When, at last, he found me
Seraphin Shedd can't seem to escape the murky vision of her father's death. She's always felt like his death was a result of her defiant actions. When she meets Joseph Merrick, the nephew of her beloved teacher, her life begins to unravel. When Joseph opens her eyes to the impossible, her trust begins to waver. Is his interest in her purely for personal gain or will he prove to be helpful? Follow along as Seraphin uncovers her true identity as well as discovers the evil surrounding her father's death.

If you love mermaids, this is the young adult fantasy novel for you. See the raging sea through Seraphin's eyes and struggle to make sense of the impossible. This isn't an ordinary mermaid story, the mystery is as deep as the ocean. You'll find intrigue and romance, as well as a dash of humor and action.

Caution: Memoir of a Mermaid has been known to cause 'up all night reading' and 'can't put down syndrome'. You may find yourself addicted to the tension between Joseph and Seraphin. Due to the fact that this book is all you'll be able to think about, do not begin reading the night before an important meeting or a final exam. The story will literally be swimming around in your head.
Excerpt: "Looking back, sometimes things are better off unknown. Sometimes the truth hurts more than a lie and being naive is a blessing in disguise.  From that moment on, it was going to be difficult to distinguish between being protected and being lied to."

See my review here

Purchase sites for Memoir of a Mermaid:
-          Amazon (e-book or paperback)
-          Barnes & Noble

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Winner for Becoming by Raine Thomas Giveaway

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Raine for giving away an e-book copy of Becoming and a BIG thank you to all the peeps that have entered. Now on to the winner…

Nicole Passante

 Please note: An email will be sent to you, you have 24 hours to reply in order to receive the book.

Guest Post

I Never Thought
By Natalie Star

I never thought that anyone would read my novel. That wasn’t my intent when I penned it. I wrote it for me and maybe a few of my daughter’s friends to read. I most certainly didn’t intend to submit it to a publisher, ever.

While working on it, I went against the norm the majority of the time. Wanting to write young adult paranormal, I didn’t want to do the usual vampire, were, angel or ghost story. I made up my own paranormal world with Keepers/Watchers/Protectors/Organizers. Then when it came time to make a decision, I’d ask myself “What would the average reader expect to happen?” Then I’d go in the opposite direction. I had a blast writing the story using this method. I also kept reading how people were getting sick of love triangles in stories, so I wrote a nontraditional one. I’m not even sure you could call it a triangle. You’d have to read it and tell me what you think.

I didn’t even know how my story would turn out. I mean, I had a basic outline in my head how the story would progress, but in the end, it didn’t happen the way I planned. I’m thinkin’ it turned out even better. Writing this story was much like reading one – never knowing what was going to happen next, or how things would turn out. I wrote by the seat of my pants.

I had no pressure writing my debut novel, The Keeper, because no one was really going to read it, or so I thought. Things change, and now you can purchase my eBook on ten different websites, how totally cool, and totally unexpected for me and my family. But now writing the next story after The Keeper, I feel the pressure. I am still writing by the seat of my pants, but when I ask myself that question of what would the average reader expect…I think wow, this better be good, because someone might actually be reading it.

Connect with Natalie Star:
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The Keeper
The morning of her sixteenth birthday, Billie feels blessed despite the reoccurring nightmare that wakes her. Loving parents, a caring boyfriend, and great friends surround her until an heirloom necklace throws her into a world she never imagined.

“Gifted” with supernatural powers and an unexpected destiny as the Keeper, Billie and a mysterious boy from her past must work together to find answers. But, as they begin to discover feelings for one another, he disappears leaving her to fight evil alone. Her life spirals out of control. She breaks up with her boyfriend, Tony, and alienates her best friends Arianna and Jocelyn to protect them from the truth.

As dark forces pursue her, Billie longs to run away from it all, yet a need to do what’s right compels her to face the future as the keeper of more than her own fortune.

Purchase sites for The Keeper: Natalie’s blog
The Keeper book trailer

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Daemon Invasion...

So, over the last couple of weeks I’m sure most of you have heard about the #daemoninvasion… I know I have!! I was contacted by a fellow blogger that I met on Goodreads last year, Nicole – she’s friggin’ awesome, any who, she asked if I would like to join a team for the #daemoninvasion. – Being the complete dorky blonde that I am, I asked about all the deets regarding this invasion thingy…

And so I was introduced to Cassandra @ Cassandra’s Reviews! Cassandra is my team leader – YES! I joined a team for the #daemoninvasion J

There are several #daemoninvasion street teamers out there and if you want to join a team to win exclusive prizes, search down the #daemoninvasion hash tag to join one of the teams! That being said, Cassandra still has a few spots open on her team… so please either comment on this post or email her –

For more info regarding the #daemoninvasion visit Cassandra’s blog, there you will find the signing and event schedule – click here

The Lux Series by Jennifer Armentrout

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Guest Post

I’m not lucky, just tenacious and I never gave up my dream
By Ann Harrison

Ever since I could remember I’ve loved books. I would read anything I could get my hands on and it’s only now that my taste has really settled on certain genres. I love a good romance, who doesn’t love a happy ending and all the angst in between. I greedily absorb as much young adult as I can and I can’t go past a good suspense and murder mystery.

I wish I had started writing years ago, a cry you probably hear from many a writer. I think I was always too busy reading to sort out the voices in my head but four years ago it all got too much and I had no choice.

My first seven books spewed forth at a rate of speed that literally scared me half to death. I started with young adult because that was what came to the surface first. You might gather from this that I am a pantser. I can’t do it any other way and am in awe of those that do plot every part of their manuscript.

Young adult books one through to book three (and notes for the fourth) in a series very quickly were written. After having book one rejected, (I think six times) I thought I wasn’t cut out for young adult and tried my hand at romance. Three books were written in as many months and sat while I entered competitions and took the judge’s comments to heart.

It wasn’t until I met a freelance editor, Annie Seaton who pointed out the flaws in my stories (in a way that I understood). I polished them until I was happy to submit them. It was the turning point for me and within 48 hours I had three contracts sitting on my desk. I chose wisely I feel and carried on writing. Three weeks later I signed my second contract with Breathless Press.

Taming the Outback will be out in August and Mistress for Magnus will be released in September.

With my success I felt brave enough to submit Book One of my young adult series and have just been asked for a revise and resubmit which I am thrilled about. It looks like all the hard work has finally paid off and it’s going to be a big year.

The one thing I have learnt from this is never say die, ever. The only time you will fail is if you throw in the towel and give up. You never start writing and become an instant expert. It takes time, just the same as learning to play the piano for example. It takes practise. I have met some terrific people along the way and learnt so much. I’m not lucky, just tenacious and I never gave up my dream.

So if your dream is to write and get published, start working now. Join blogs, writer’s websites, and all the social networking sites you can manage. Not only will you learn more than you thought possible, you will meet some great people along the way.

Connect with Ann:
-          Website
-          Facebook
-          Twitter
-          Goodreads