Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hotness Monsters of Note

This post is dedicated to all my book boyfriends... the boyfriends that I will never willingly choose in real life! They are egotistical, controlling, stubborn, dangerous and most of them want to drink blood or have some other crazy paranormal trait. Complete and total hardcore Alpha Males. *shivers* 

In real life - If a big hunk of a man ever had to chase me down the road flashing fangs and growling something like "come here" or "you will be mine" I think I just might wet myself bitch slap him - not that it would do them any harm (because they are all mighty, possessive, hotness on a friggin' stick and just plain WOW). *drools* 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Review: Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets [Cursed in Darkness #4]
By Natalie Hancock

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From Goodreads:
The hunter has made himself known, and now everyone is gone. Layla and a few others are now being hunted and have become hunters themselves. They must travel through an underground cave in order to get to those they love and Layla is not stopping for anything.

There are other creatures in the cave which they encounter, and some they wish not to even see, and with no success. Their lives, and those who have been taken, are on the line, and the farther they walk through the cave, the more they are faced with danger, the more Layla struggles to keep her deep dark secrets just that - a secret. It is not that simple, however. And as the secrets unfold, the hunter closes in.

Will it be too late for Layla to save the others?

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Cover swoon!! As you know I'm a total and complete cover whore and Natalie Hancock has fed my appetite 100% with the covers for Cursed in Darkness Series - I mean really now... I'm running out of drool here.