Review Policy

We are currently not accepting any review requests

Books are our passion, reading them and writing reviews is a hobby, we are not professional reviewers, we just love reading and discussing/sharing our thoughts.

Reviews will be posted here on Alexia’s Chronicles, Goodreads, Amazon and linked to our Twitter and Facebook accounts. A link to your website/blog will also be included in the review on the blog.

Paperback, epub, mobi and pdf copies will be accepted for review – please check with the reviewer which they prefer.

If your book received a good rating, we will most certainly promote you, as an author, as well as your book. We are happy to host giveaways, blog tours, guest posts and interviews.

If the reviewer did not enjoy your novel and decided not to finish it, we will not write a review – rather no review, than a bad review. The reviewer will contact you and discuss the reasons for not writing a review.

Priority will be given to ARCs. If you would like a review for your book by a certain date, please let us know in advance and we could make an exception and move it up in our review queues.

If you would like to make a review request please email us at: . We will respond to you as soon as possible – keeping in mind that we have 8 – 5 jobs.
When making a review request please include the following –
- Subject line: Review Request for >name of reviewer<
- Book name
- Book blurb / synopsis
- Book cover
- A link to Amazon or any other place your book is available for purchase
- A link to your website / blog

Genres that will NOT be reviewed:
Graphic novels
Self Help novels

Please see below the reviewer’s individual preferences for reviews:

I always give my full attention to the story. I tend to lose myself in the plot, especially if the book captivates me. My reviews are based purely on my thoughts and reactions to the book. When I post a review on Alexia’s Chronicles, Goodreads or any other site I will not give spoilers to the readers. My reviews vary - it can either be a short paragraph outlining my observations or a full blown review. I personally hate it when I read a review that summarizes the entire storyline, which spoils the book for me. I do not want a complete synopsis of the book, I merely want to know what the readers thoughts are and how much they enjoyed it. Therefore this is the approach I will be using to write my own reviews.

Genres I read & review:
Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy (YA or Adult)

Please know that I will post an honest review, which means that if there’s something I don’t like about the novel, I will mention it. Also, there’s a chance you might not get a 5 Star rating. I understand and respect how hard you’ve worked on your novel and it’s amazing to have accomplished this but please be prepared for some constructive criticism. I will always be polite, respectful and sincere in my reviews.

Genres I read & review:
Fantasy – all types (YA or adult)
Science Fiction (YA or adult)
Mystery / Thriller / Suspense

Genres I do NOT read & review: