Wednesday 27 June 2012

ARC Review: Determinant

Determinant [The Guardians of Vesturon #3]
By A.M. Hargrove

The Guardians of Vesturon Series:
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Determinant #3

January St. Davis, on her own since the age of sixteen and struggling to stay in college, thinks she's scored in a major way when she lands a paid summer internship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. One evening, after working an especially long shift, a chance encounter with a group of mysterious men alters the course of her life.

Rykerian Yarrister, a Guardian of Vesturon with unearthly powers and impossibly gorgeous looks, finds himself at odds over the human female he recently saved from certain death. When it seems he is on the verge of winning her over, she is ripped from his hands by a strange and powerful being, threatening to destroy her if his demands are not met.

Do Rykerian and the Guardians have the ability to meet this fierce barbarian's ultimatums, or will January suffer a horrid demise?

Where to begin? I was blown away by Determinant - it's definitely my favourite in the series. My emotions were on a major roller coaster ride - completely haywire!!

Rykerian is so sensitive, sweet, sensual, loving and romantic - the list could go on. He's the type of guy that would carry you on his hands and kiss the ground you walk on! Ok, he does have his moments of typical 'guyness' (is that a word? lol), but what guy doesn't? He gained a lover mate but also lost a close family member - I was gutted!! My throat was so tight from swallowing back tears!

January on the other hand is 'hard', for lack of a better word. She has/had an extremely tough life through and through... seriously, life just kept throwing her curve balls. Her parents treated her badly (like, oh em gee badly), then she was doing so well at college, until a friend of hers disappears... Her grades start dropping, she can't keep up with working 2 jobs as well as attending college and the heart ache of her friend's disappearance. Wow - she has it bad! She is as tough as nails though, pushes through every obstacle life hands her.... until she  goes wandering in the woods ;)

January and Rykerian together are amazing. At first it was a touch and go situation - which is obvious when you wake up in a strange house with a robot hovering over you!! But, once they accept each other and move forward... FIREWORKS!! Rykerian has a way with words... damn... if someone had to say such romantic things to me I'd melt in a puddle at their feet - no jokes!

Normally I don't mention the 'bad guy' - but good grief! Slap me silly and call me Sam, this bad boy hit a nerve... in a good way ;) Total bad ass and mysterious hawtness monster of note! Jurek needs his own story - I want to know all about him... I think I'd go so far as to say that, if he weren't a fictional character I would totally stalk him! Really, I would! He has this extremely dangerous side, but every now and then you'll see a different side of him (I don't mean in the sense of multiple personalities), I mean, catch him on a good day and he'll open up and let you see the real him... does that make sense?? Any who... I want to read his story too! Pretty please, with a cherry on the top :)


  1. Sounds good, though I haven't read the first two. I'll TBR the first one. Thanks for the review! :D