Monday 4 June 2012

Review: Eternal Hunger

Eternal Hunger [Mark of the Vampire #1]
By Laura Wright

Mark of the Vampire Series:
Eternal Hunger #1
Eternal Kiss #2
Eternal Blood #3
Eternal Captive #4
Eternal Beast #5

A dark and sexy debut paranormal romance. In the dark, fear and desire are one... Alexander Roman wants nothing to do with those of his vampire breed. Fate places him at the door of Dr. Sara Donohue, who is dedicated to removing patients' traumatic memories. 

But as their world's collide, Sara and Alexander are bound by something even stronger as one becomes hunter and the other, prey. And Sara's only chance of survival is to surrender to the final-and most unimaginable-desire of her life.
I stumbled across this book while visiting a new fellow book blogger’s blog. I read her review and decided I had to read Eternal Hunger.

I enjoy vampy books with the clich√© ‘destined human mate’ and the struggle of acceptance and the whole “no no, it can’t be true, vampires don’t exist, you’re not real, blah blah blah”. Eternal Hunger has that part in it, but I feel that Sara (human mate) accepted it too fast – any sane person would put up more of a fight, I mean, he’s a vampire, hellooo – grab your lip gloss and run!! Lol

Dr. Sara Donohue is calm, collected and always analyzes everything before making a decision. She works in a psychiatric hospital and on her way home one evening she stumbles across a strange man on her doorstep – and so the fun begins! Sara is thrust into a world of vampires and a bat shit cray cray patient that is hell bent on having her for himself. I feel that Sara handled meeting vampires very well – too well. She trusted quickly and just went with it… nothing wrong with that, but I would’ve enjoyed more fight in her. She is sarcastic and witty – I LOVE that J

When you meet Alexander Roman for the first time he is depressed and in pain. His hunger is controlling him. He is hot-headed and most of the times he is like a caged animal – literally and figuratively! Sara keeps Alexander on his toes and surprises him with her decisions and actions. He is dangerous yet alluring – I wouldn’t mind coming face to face with this hotness monster! J

The Roman brothers have a close relationship, each brother bringing a different characteristic / trait to the ‘relationship’. With Alexander being the oldest, he usually leads, Nicholas is the middle brother, who is calm and collected and Lucian is the hot-headed brother that fights first and asks questions later.

Laura Wright has a whole different spin on the world of vampires. You meet new ‘creatures’ such as Imiti. Then there are vampire villages know as credenti and the vampire law, know as the Order. I love reading books with a new take on the vampire world – here the male vampires (paven) morph when they are 300 years old, they then can’t walk in sun light, have a need to find their true mate or have a need to impregnate vampire females (it could go either way). The females (veanas) morph earlier on in their lives and they can continue to walk in sunlight and also have a need to find their true mate.

It felt like this book ended too soon for me. I wanted to keep on reading and reading and reading. I enjoyed it tremendously! I will definitely be reading the other books in this series. Laura Wright’s writing style is fab – very precise and entertaining. 


  1. Good to see that you enjoyed the book so much Lex! xx

  2. I really enjoyed reading your review, it's both informative and entertaining!! Awesome :)

  3. Hi Alexia! Nice review, I totally agree with you about ''accepting the fact that vamps are real or not'' to fast!!! But I also enjoy that kind of PNR reads! You make me laugh and now I really want to read this book! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Anytime :) You should totally read this novel!!

  4. ooh..this sounds lovely..I too love the fated Vamp-Human love story..hehe! I am so glad you shared this with me, and I will be grabbing myself a copy! Fantastic review!

  5. Thanks :) I'll be watching your blog to read your review of Eternal Hunger ;)