Monday 25 June 2012

WINNERS: New Design Launch Giveaway

On Friday, 25 May we had the opening post of the new and improved Alexia's Chronicles! Vicky at Sweet Dreams Design was the amazing designer of this new look :) I also announced that Ritesh Kala is joining me as an Associate Blogger...

I have to admit that seeing my blog looking all 'spiffy' and pretty has given me a new passion drive to blog. Every Tuesday we have a guest post, on Thursday's we have author interviews (except every 3rd Thursday of the month we have a blogger interview) and reviews and giveaways are thrown in between :) On Friday's we have the Follow & Feature Friday meme and on Sunday's we have the Sunday Post - which has proven to be so much fun!

What have you guys thought of the way things have been going here? Fun, interesting or so boring that sticking needles in your eyes is way more exciting?? Any suggestions?


What was the prize? 
Two winners can choose any ebook from Amazon.comup to $6.99


Christina Schieser
Michelle Chew

Please note: We will contact you both via email today. You have until 27 June to respond or new winners will be selected!


  1. Love the new look, Lex! So cute, just like you. Hugs! Christie

    1. Thanks Christie :) Thank you for your awesome friendship! xx

  2. exciting that so much is happening on your blog!